Animated Wedding Photos

2013 brings a new trend to photography, Animated photos or gifs.  We have applied this concept to some of our recent weddings and have created beautiful unique animated wedding photos. Just a few of the new services we will be including in 2013 for our clients....
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Honeymoon Photography Tips

Your honeymoon is the first trip you will be taking together as husband and wife. It will be relaxed and a perfect opportunity to take professional photos without the stress of the wedding day timeline or any other distractions. Here are some tips on how...
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Zombie Sightings in Cancun, Mexico

RUN FOR YOUR LIVES BEFORE THE ZOMBIES GET YOU!  Competing in a marathon is already challenging but imagine having the extra adrenaline rush of zombies chasing you while you compete. The running dead 5K marathon showed to be a successful event with over 500 participants....
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