Marquesitas, a specialty for your Cancun Wedding No ratings yet.

From spicy breakfasts to delectable dinners, Mexican cuisine has a variety of the tastiest, most well-known dishes in the world. Each Mexican state and region has many typical specialties that are representative of the area, such as the huevo con machaca from Chihuahua, the chaska from Aguascalientes, or the sopes from Colima. In the Yucatan, there […]

What is the best time of day for a Cancun Beach Photo Session? No ratings yet.

You want to be comfortable for your Cancun Beach Photo Session and taking photos is something you need to prepare for. If this is your first trip to Cancun, there are two things to keep in mind, it’s hot all day long and there is high humidity which will cause you to sweat, make-up to […]

Zombie Sightings in Cancun, Mexico No ratings yet.

Zombie Marathon in Cancun

RUN FOR YOUR LIVES BEFORE THE ZOMBIES GET YOU!  Competing in a marathon is already challenging but imagine having the extra adrenaline rush of zombies chasing you while you compete. The running dead 5K marathon showed to be a successful event with over 500 participants. Each runner starts with 3 lives in the form of […]