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Isla Mujeres is a great location for amazing photography and to have your destination wedding or special event.  Located only 15 minutes by ferry from Cancun, it is ideal for a great vacation!



isla mujeres photography

Isla Mujeres has a long and colourful history.  Its name still remains a mystery, some say that during the 15th century, the island was a sanctuary dedicated to Ixchel, goddess of fertility and love.

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Others believe it was a refuge for pirates, who during their excursions would take women captive, one of them Fermin Mundaca.

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In Mayan times, the island served as the sanctuary for Ixchel, the Mayan Goddess of fertility, reason, medicine and the moon. The temple is located at the South point of the island and is also used as the lighthouse.

isla mujeres photos

Visit Isla Mujeres and Keep smiling!

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