This amazing Korean couple from California were married at the Iberostar Cancun, Mexico.  We did their Trash the Dress photos starting with a Sunrise session at the beach and finalizing with Underwater photos in an exotic cenote.  See their awesome pics!

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Animated photos in Cancun with the moving water


playa del carmen wedding photographer

Mike was a fun guy!  He gave us a jump right before the sun started rising.

playa del carmen sunrise photographer

Sunrise is such a romantic time for photography

playa del carmen wedding photographer

Such amazing colors at Sunrise

cancun wedding photographer

Love this shot!  Sun is about to rise.

cancun wedding photographer

Great natural smiles from both bride and groom during their sunrise photo session

cancun destination wedding photographer

We captured the bride and groom perfectly within our frame as they walked along the beach during their sunrise photo session

cancun wedding photographer

This photo is just perfect!

playa del carmen wedding photographer

The sun is slowly rising and the bride and groom capture it within a frame during their photo session

cancun photographer

Such an amazing moment during Sunrise!

playa del carmen photographer

The sunrise is great for creating beautiful silhouettes!

cancun sunrise photos

Love the haze created by the light from the sun

playa del carmen ruins photography

The ruins in Playa del Carmen are an amazing location for photos

playa del carmen ruins

Such a tender moment during their trash the dress session

playa del carmen photography

Love the light casted on the bride and groom almost like a spotlight!

playa del carmen photography

Photos at the cenote during their underwater session

cancun underwater photography

Love the reflection created from the water

cancun underwater photography

Hayoung was a beautiful mermaid during the underwater photo session

cancun underwater photography

This is a great photo of the bride and groom during their Trash the Dress session.  Love the expression from Mike!

cancun underwater photographer

Peace back to you Hayoung!

cancun underwater photographer

Love this set of photos!  Thanks Mike and Hayoung for a great photo session!



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